HyperConverged Infrastructure

If your organization is looking to offer remote resources and virtual infrastructure with a high tech platform, 324 Networks has certified consultants in designing, deploying, configuring, and managing a virtual infrastructure with VMware and Hyper-V hypervisor technologies. Then, once you’ve set this up - use containerized workloads to reach and go beyond your productivity threshold. In a day and age where efficiency and maximum productivity is expected by default from your IT infrastructure, containerized applications on top of your virtualized infrastructure can offer several advantages over workloads running on dedicated operating systems. Thanks to Docker, Kubernetes and other container deployment applications, you can develop and deploy your applications in a highly resilient and highly available platform, and orchestrate these containers within a virtual infrastructure to scale as you grow. Promote business continuity and an efficient use of digital resources with 324 Networks today.

Industries Served

We serve a multitude of industries: SMB’s, Oil & Gas, K-12, Higher Education, Government & Federal Agencies, Non-profit & For-profit Organizations, and Religious institutions. Call us now for a free consultation.