Routing & Switching

The most fundamental aspect of interconnected devices, yet often overlooked, is not overlooked at 324 Networks, Inc. The core of our philosophy is to build solid foundations for both ourselves and our customers to build their internal and external infrastructure on, whether on-premises, or in the Cloud. Our Network Engineers are certified in building, designing, and implementing a multitude of enterprise networking topologies with the latest in products from industry leaders: Cisco, Juniper, and many others. From enterprise core, to campus core, distribution, and access, we have the greatest team on Earth to assist you. Our attention to detail is second to none and we have excellent organizational skills and documentation. Whether you need us to completely overhaul and redesign your network, or simply need project assistance, we are here every step of the way.

Industries Served

We serve a multitude of industries: SMB’s, Oil & Gas, K-12, Higher Education, Government & Federal Agencies, Non-profit & For-profit Organizations, and Religious institutions. Call us now for a free consultation.